Our team of dedicated people have developed methods over many years to try and combat a double-edged sword.

To keep a consumers much loved goods functioning as intended, and by this means, to stem the massive issue of apparel / fabric waste in Australia.

Since the world was introduced to the environmental nightmare of microplastic pollution in our oceans and on our shorelines, sending end of life product to landfill is never ‘out of sight, out of mind’ anymore.

With every item we restore to a functional capacity for the consumer/brand or distributor, that’s one less item contributing to our global garbage stores.

These small steps, along with our long-term support of local, grass roots organisations, we feel we are indeed making a difference, however small.

Making a Difference

Maintaining The Circular Economy

Remote Equipment Repairs was established in the early 90s. The business had the foresight way back then to see there was a demand to repair and restore gear in a small effort to reduce the amount of landfill.

Send end of life products back and we will give it another life

We take great care to make sure your item is repaired correctly and the repair is as discreet as possible. Our aim is to repair as original, if an original repair cannot be obtained we will notify you and we will ensure that the alternative repair restores the integrity of your item.