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Custom made Harness Systems

Remote Equipment Repairs have developed a new harness that can attach to a range of different backpack sprayer units, including Solo, Stihl, Echo and Guarany branded units. Designed with regard to OH&S requirements, our harness systems offer these three fundamental points.

  • Applicator comfort
  • Robust construction
  • User friendliness

New Harness Design

The new harness includes a well-padded back panel, waist belt, and adjustable shoulder harness. It is also Australian made.

Figure 1—The backpack sprayer harness designed
by Remote Equipment Repairs has a padded back, adjustable padded shoulder straps, and a wide, padded waist belt.

Most backpack sprayers can hold up to 16 litres of herbicide solution weighing about 16 kilograms plus the weight of the unit. This weight could be carried comfortably in a standard backpack, but poorly designed straps and back supports can make backpack sprayers miserable to carry and uncomfortable to use. Backpack sprayers typically come standard with a moulded plastic tank that fits against the applicator’s back and narrow, sometimes lightly padded straps that carry the weight of the sprayer on the applicator’s shoulders. This might be okay for applicators carrying one or two tank loads, but not for field employees spraying all day in rough terrain.

Weed Spray Harness

Figure 2—The narrow straps and hard plastic back supports on commercial backpack sprayers are not comfortable for field employees who may carry up to 16 litres of liquid in the sprayers throughout the day.

These harnesses are made locally right here in Melbourne and are a must for private operators and large commercial operations alike.

It will provide your employees with a more comfortable operating environment therefore increasing productivity, also reducing the risk of back / shoulder injury sustained through prolonged carrying of loads under poor methods.

Minimise discomfort and irritation, maximise efficiency.

We can supply bulk orders and will ship nationwide.

Please call us to discuss if this item can improve your workplace efficiency and employee safety.

Support small Australian business, this product is made by us, used by us and highly recommended by us. Satisfied customers already include municipal councils, landcare groups, weed management contractors, farmers, greenkeepers, firefighters and landscaping companies.

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Australian designed and MADE on-site in our factory by our skilled technicians. Email or call for a price/order.

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