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Frequently Asked Questions


  • My tent fly has torn, can you fix it so that it will not leak?

    We can fix tears and cuts in tent flys whether they are PU coated nylon, or silicone nylon constructions.

    All of our repairs on tent flys are seam sealed and are completely waterproof. We also can repair rips and tears in the insect mesh and nylon fabric inner.

  • My tent floor and or fly leaks, can you fix it?

    We can thoroughly test the waterproofness of your tents floor and waterproof fly to find if the leaks are caused by perforations or the fabric failing from age. We can repair leaks; we can replace the floors in most hiking tents. We can also make up custom waterproof footprints for most hiking tents on request. We can wash, re proof and fully re tape your tent fly too.

  • I have broken / split one of my lightweight tent poles.

    We carry Australia’s largest sections of alloy and fibreglass tent poles from many, many varied brands of tents and often have the piece you may need. However, we do carry Easton, and Yunan branded pole in stock at all times.

    We can replace sections, re thread with shock cord and supply new end tips.

    We can also duplicate full pole hoops on request and supply emergency pole sleeve / splints.


  • A buckle on my pack has broken or is lost. Do you have a replacement?

    We carry many, many old buckles to fit most models. If we do not have the exact match, we can supply a brand-new full buckle and sew it into your pack / webbing / waist belt or compression strap.

  • The shoulder harness on my old Macpac pack has failed with age, can I fix it?

    We can install brand new frame guides on your beloved old Macpac. The new guides are constructed by corudra and webbing and will not perish like the original plastic/rubber guides and it will last many more years. Or alternatively, we can fit a set of brand-new complete shoulder straps.

    Frame guide has perished with age and shoulder strap has come away from frame bar.

  • Can you make my pack waterproof?

    We can wash and reproof the outside of most packs with a durable water repellency treatment, most canvas packs should remain waterproof as they age. Alternatively, if the synthetic polyurethane coating on the inside fabric of your pack has peeled away or deteriorated, we are able to construct pack liners or dry bags to keep your gear completely dry inside the pack. We can custom make dry bags to suit all applications.

  • I have a hole in my pack, can you patch it?

    Yes, we can.

  • Can you add extra pockets to my pack?

    We are able to manufacture all sorts of custom components for packs, we can make up cramp on attachments, hydration bladder pockets, ski / snowboard attachments. We have made rifle holders for hunters, PLB pockets and even attachment points for snow shovels. We are also able to make up modules to fit standard molle webbing, or even attach molle style webbing to standard non-military packs.

  • A buckle on my pack has broken or is lost. Do you have a replacement?

    We carry many, many old buckles to fit most models. If we do not have the exact match, we can supply a brand-new full buckle and sew it into your pack / webbing / waist belt or compression strap.

Zips – tents, sleeping bags, packs, garments & apparel

  • My zipper doesn’t zip up anymore, can you fix it?

    Sliders are designed to wear out before the teeth on the zip do. Most of the time, if the teeth are separating when you do up the zip, it’s a worn slider. We can replace most sliders easily; many we can do on the spot too. We only carry quality YKK sliders and zips.

    If the teeth / coils are damaged, crushed or torn from the fabric we are able to perform full zip replacements on almost any pack, tent or item of clothing. This includes water resistant jacket zippers on motorcycle, snow/ski and sailing apparel.

    ‘Vislon’ style plastic toothed zip top. Standard coil zip below.

Garment & Apparel Repairs

  • I have torn a hole in my down/feather/synthetic puffer jacket

    If the hole/tear is smaller than a 50c piece we repair the garment with a permanent heat applied patch. If the damage is larger than a 50c piece we can replace the damaged panel with colour matching or closest colour matching fabric. Replacing the panel is as close to an as new repair we can offer. If we have an exact match in fabric the repair will not be invisible.

  • I have torn a hole/tear in my waterproof garment.

    We can patch/darn or sew patch with Gore-Tex® or another waterproof breathable fabric to repair your jacket. All stitching is seam taped with Gore-Tex® tape to restore the items integrity.

  • My waterproof jacket no longer keeps me dry.

    We can pressure test and asses the integrity of your waterproof garment. We can restore the performance of your garment with a new treatment of DWR or if required we can re tape the exposed seams with new Gore-Tex® tape.

  • Can you perform alterations to clothing?

    We can do alterations to almost all technical fabric garments. This includes rain/waterproof jackets, pants, puffer style down/synthetic jackets, ski gear, sailing gear and motorcycle garments and apparel.

  • How do I get my item to you?

    We are open weekdays 8.30am to 5pm and the last Saturday of each month from 9am to 12noon (closed when the Saturday falls on a long weekend). You are welcome to come into our store any time during these hours.

    Alternatively, items can be sent to us. Please print the contact us form and send the item to us. Once we receive and assess the item, we will contact you with a quote for your approval prior to proceeding.