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About Us

Our Story

Remote Equipment Repairs was established in the early 90s. The business had the foresight way back then to see there was a demand to repair and restore gear in a small effort to reduce the amount of landfill.

In the very beginning the business serviced a small community of outdoor enthusiast, climbers and cross-country skiers. Over the years the business has expanded services to include the sailing community, motorcycle enthusiasts, schools, scouting groups and emergency services.

At its very heart the core ethics of repair, recycle and reuse have seen this small business partner with many of the largest brands and distributors in Australia and abroad. We now delve further into a circular economy, sourcing products that have been produced and cannot be sold. We use these discarded apparel and textiles and turn them into renewed products, upcycled materials or recycling feedstock for future repairs giving an item a new footprint. By renewing, recycling and restoring we want to take a small step to giving a second life to a created product with a reduction in landfill and a hug to mother nature.

Our Team

Bich Head sew tech

Khap Sew Tech

Lam Sew Tech

Jackie Operations & product assessments

Pam Office & product assessments

Leroy Repair Tech

Ray Repair Tech Chief